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Natalie and Lucas have become best friends despite their different backgrounds. They share a love of books, and he is teaching her about God in a way that she can understand. But the closer they become, the more opinions everyone seems to have. Lucas would never leave the Amish faith, and Natalie is Englisch and pursuing a degree in veterinary medicine. But when a terrifying accident happens, Natalie and Lucas are forced to confront their true feelings and decide if they can stay true to themselves and each other.

Amish’s work has revived interest among some in India's oldest deciphered script.

The second novel in the Amish Journeys series by bestselling author Beth Wiseman explores the compromises and sacrifices it takes to truly listen to love. Beth Wiseman is the best-selling author of the Daughters of the Promise series and the Land of Canaan series. She was the recipient of the prestigious Carol Award in and In she took home the coveted Holt Medallion.

Beth and her husband are empty nesters enjoying country life in Texas. Web design by Jamie Foley. What's it take to get to first base with you, Nora? You've been deflecting my — ". The wide-eyed expression on Nora's face made Luke kick himself for asking such a crude question.

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Did she expect him to spell out every little detail? Or was she covering for not knowing what first base meant? This is a conversation not between guileless teens but two grown adults, in Charlotte Hubbard's Amish romance novel Harvest of Blessings. The next line is the giveaway, as Luke wonders to himself whether Nora missed a few lessons in romance after "being sent away at 16 to have a baby.

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As if sexual politics weren't confusing enough, give them an Amish backdrop and they get elaborately more complicated. In Amish romance novels, there is no sex, but lots of babies; no nakedness, but layer upon layer of clothing is removed; and no physical contact between unmarried couples—unless perhaps God wills it through a tornado, or a house fire, or a buggy accident—and, well, it turns out that happens between attractive Amish singles quite a lot.

During an unsteady dismount from a buggy in Amish Redemption , a novel by Patricia Davids, the female protagonist, Mary, loses her balance but is whisked back to her feet by a prospective suitor, Joshua. She clutched his shoulders to steady herself.

He gazed into her wide eyes as he slowly lowered her to the ground, reluctant to let her go. In a market overwhelmed with Fifty Shades of Grey knockoffs, it might come as a surprise to see books offering chaste titillation mass-produced in trade paperback for Wal-Mart where both of those books are selling briskly.

Yet the romance sections of bookstores are increasingly dominated by what publishers affectionately call "bonnet rippers.

In this era of disposable, fast-food sex, the appeal of Amish romance is no mystery, says Wanda Brunstetter, one of the founding authors of the genre. We've lost that way of life. I think my readers are craving that. Also, the Amish set a precedent for us in that their relationships are based on family, church and community, not just the sexual part of things.

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Of course, there is a sexual part of things, but these books have a subtler way of conveying it than E. More is left to the imagination, and the kiss, robbed some time ago of its momentousness in popular culture, reclaims its allure.

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In Amish Redemption , for instance, a torrid kiss goes on for three pages, with several more pages committed to the couple who shared the kiss agonizing over it, with the suitor castigating himself for being "impulsive" and torturedly reading passages from the Bible afterward. In Brunstetter's Going Home , it takes pages of canoodling over sumptuous desserts and prayer time before Noah finally asks his crush, Faith, if he can court her—at which point, he blurts out that he loves her.

From there, Brunstetter moves swiftly to an epilogue where we see the couple two years later, married with a son, Isaiah.

Amish Romance Series

Faith tells Noah, "God has been good and blessed our marriage. For my readers, it is more refreshing to read between the lines and not hear step by step what goes on. We all know what goes on. At the same time, it can be rather jarring while browsing in a bookshop to see the shirtless-male-torso covers commingled with illustrations of pious Amish women in long dresses, hair tucked under kapp , alongside men in broadfall pants and suspenders.