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Did Jagger, Dylan, Lennon, Harrison, and McCartney once record an album as 'The Masked Marauders'?

Still my admiration for her has never wavered. She was and is the best. Her life has had a lot of ups and downs over the years, but Debbie still has the same great attitude and sense of humor, and she is still a fantastic performer and a brilliant lyricist. She looks great too. I caught up with her at a photo shoot with Mark Seliger.

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He was wearing a Debbie T-shirt and he was in awe. And then it just took us a while to figure out the marketing strategy because we have an independent thing now. Now we have Amazon doing this special release, limited edition. I really like Amazon. I think we did five or six weeks. And I did a few promo trips to the UK and Europe. Last year we did a ton of touring.

We did about six months. We try to make it as comfortable as possible. Everyone just hops on the bus after the show, we watch TV and have a snack and then go to bed. I think it was maybe because the tickets were like five hundred bucks. Everyone was drinking chardonnay. A week later, I saw U2 and everybody there was young—except me and Al Sharpton. It looked like a Frank Gehry building. GQ: Yeah. He was dead though. I did it at the Warhol museum. It gave me strange dreams. Did Andy steal the platinum in front black-in-the-back look from you?

We played a lot of the new stuff last summer and there was no release yet to support it. Some of the die-hard fans would make comments.

Bob Dylan vs. The Press

But most of the audience would listen. We structure the shows so that they have a continuity and flow. So the new songs make sense. We did a whole New York tribute the last time we were at Nokia. We did a Ramones song. A Thunders song, a Television song—a bunch of New York stuff. It was fun. Probably some of both, right? I mean, what else am I going to do? You went through a few things before you got too famous. I also think doing the crossword puzzle helps. Do you still do the New York Times crossword puzzle?

I really am enjoying writing more than ever. Something has changed. I just wish more people had survived. I imagine what Johnny Thunders would be like. They say that being creative and learning things, is really the right way to learn and to grow into age. But a lot of the best music is produced by older artists. And he just wants to play music. He used to hire nude models to paint. GQ: I think you should dress the band. You should make them wear suits. And the keyboard player really needs you to do something with his hair. He needs hair work.

I was trying to replicate the album art. I was doing that sort of combination of a pirate and ballerina. I had a big long dagger stuck in my belt. It was kind of fun. And the big white hair. It was sort of a fantasy thing. GQ: I like the hair. What about a gown, like a Mae West type thing.

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Pardon my suggestions. Sometimes skirts make me feel a little self-conscious. It takes me some time to sort of grow into that sort of mood. But I do like the things with the fish tail. GQ: Speaking of funky, they gave me a recorder with funky batteries. Aside from a home in Virginia Beach. And I want to have a solar energy machine. And I want to have a sunken garden with a glass roof. Sometimes I have doubts. I just have to say that. Debbie Harry: Yeah, goldenseal. Actually about five of those caps. It works great. But I do a lot of different things because I have leisure time at different hours.

Like, I have leisure time now in the morning, till about midday. Today I planted flowers. I had little sprouts that I had sprouted and I planted them, and I swept off the terrace, moved the chaise lounge on to the terrace and moved two pieces of the couch into the bedroom, and got some stuff from the cleaners. Real exciting, huh? But sometimes my leisure hours are reversed, from about 1 a. Like I went to the free party that was held after the Barbarians show at Trax. I saw Sylvia Miles.

That was it. I walk around, go shopping. I watch TV a lot. I like cable TV. I do a lot of photo sessions. I like to go to the studios when other people are recording. I lig a lot. You have to specialize.

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  7. So if I had to spend equal time doing paintings, and equal time going to galleries and doing art business, and equal time making music, and equal time going to record companies, or to the publicist or to the lawyer, forget it. It would take four times as long to do all that stuff. Unless I had a patron. He had the Medicis, right? This is getting too political. I hate to say that there is a typical Protestant. Then you start to wonder about God. Then you just leave the church. Led Zeppelin.

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