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San Diego's Spanish Heritage

Would you like me to name them? Are you all so, uh, fond of acorns? NA 1: No.

California Missions: How to Visit All 21 & Road Trip Along El Camino Real

We live in all kinds of places and live all kinds of lives. NA 3: I live in the mountains Near an acorn tree! NA 3: Some of us find acorns What a nutty dish! JB: Cut! Johnson—get me on one of those cooking shows for the publicity tour. Okay, Scene Two. Where is the Spanish Visitor-General of Mexico? HE is holding a letter : At last my request has been granted from the king.

We shall send an expedition to Alta California and colonize it for Spain.

But we Spanish have claimed all of California for years. Why send an expedition now in ? Because the Russians and British are poking their noses around our territory.

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Why now? Because for years we have done nothing with Alta California. Because it will be fun! How we always do it, of course. Repeat after me: Missions. Missions, presidios and pueblos.

JB from chair : I love it. Keep rolling.

California Missions, Presidios and Pueblos

Cue Junipero! I thought our overland trip here from Mexico was difficult, but it was even harder for the ships. We are fortunate that more of us did not die. But we have now established a Spanish presence in San Diego and Monterey. Children will study Father Junipero Serra and his missions. I am just a humble Franciscan friar doing my best to serve as I can. They have traveled a long distance to become part of our little mission.

Our building is modest now, but someday it will rise up with tall brick walls.

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Facts About California. This Project was created by: Joel. Grade: 4 Teacher: Mrs Williams. Most missions were made out of adobe bricks that the Indians made. Most missions were built in the late 's to the early 's. Another thing missions had in common were presidios and pueblos forts and villages where people lived.

The reason why missions came to California was to spread Catholicism to the Indians hoping that if they became Catholic they would support Spain. Most missions were founded by father Junipero Serra on the coast of California. Each mission had church for mass. These were the main styles of the missions. Every mission had the same style of daily work.

Indian men and women had different jobs.

California Missions & Presidios - Alastair Worden, Randy Leffingwell - Google книги

The men mostly farmed and cared for the animals. Meanwhile, the women would make candles and soap, cook, sew, and gardened. Padres preached in mass and taught the Indians their style of life. Pueblos and are related and work together.

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The pueblos made food for soldiers at the presidios, while the presidios protected the pueblos. The missions made money by selling and trading with other missions and travelers.

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