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Reproductive Movements

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Multiplicative — the number of churches grow at an exponential rate by multiplication, not addition. Churches planting Churches — ordinary church members, not professional clergy, accept responsibility for starting new churches. Abundant gospel sowing — believers use all possible means, including mass media, to get the message of Jesus to as many as possible, so the entire area is gospel saturated.

Intentional church planting — Christian leaders, realizing that church planting is the most effective means of discipleship, devise a strategy from the outset where starting new churches is the single-minded focus. Everything not contributing to this focus is discarded.

Core Commitment 3: Establishing Church Planting Movements

Scriptural authority — the Bible is translated in the heart language of the people and believers unhesitatingly see it -- not other books, aids, or teachers -- as the authority in their daily lives. Local leadership — local leaders and not outside ministers or missionaries give direction to the movement and take responsibility for it. Lay leadership — believers realize that if they are to reach their own culture for Christ then they personally need to take initiative and not wait for professional clergy to do it.

Cell or house churches — small, easily led and reproducible churches meeting in homes or storefronts predominate in a CPM. Rapid reproduction — believers have a sense of urgency to reach their lost neighbors and avoid everything non-essential to planting churches.

Church Reproduction

Healthy churches — each church caries out the following five purposes: worship, evangelism, discipleship, ministry to others, and fellowship. Perhaps even more important than what believers do in Church Planting Movements is what they do not do. Garrison lists the following as obstacles, practices that will impede the startup of a CPM or eventually destroy a CPM in progress: Place non-biblical requirements land, building, paid staff, legal documents, minimum number of believers, etc.

Make new churches abandon their local language, culture, dress, music, art forms, and the like to conform to outside standards. Encourage new believers to start imitating the worldliness, immorality, and bad behavior of other so-called Christians in their community. Use models of churches expensive buildings and labor-intensive programs that require outside resources, staffing, and funding to maintain.

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Use lots of outside funding and keep new believers and churches dependent on it. With a free tool like BlessEveryHome.

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Relationships can lead to gospel sharing conversations followed by discipling new believers by teaching obedience to the commands of Christ resulting in the multiplication of disciples. Partner Churches can use BlessEveryHome. An association or denomination of churches can launch neighborhood, city, state and nationwide campaigns to foster a kingdom-focused, Pray, Care, Share lifestyle among church members.

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They'll become Lights in their neighborhood and their homes will become mission Outposts in the community! Sign up as an association at blesseveryhome. Read more They trained disciples of Jesus who trained disciples of Jesus who started churches all over the region.

Church Planting for Reproduction: Samuel D. Faircloth: -

This CPTPPA is based on our top successful church planters from all across the nation and their performance and will be utilized to qualify and to pre-select future top performers from incoming candidates for a specific local church and ministry. The launch of a great vision always commences with a single step.

EVOLVE brings over fifty years of church planting experience, both nationally and locally, to bear on this one resource. From the inception of your plant vision, all the way through launch, and then the next two years after you have successfully began weekly ministry and outreach. Evolve will be your guide to make the church plants launch a success. From the original budget plan and spiritual DNA of the plant, all the way to the creative and legal aspects.

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  • EVOLVE acts as a blueprint for moving forward from having a dream to plant a church to successfully launching a strong vibrant work. It takes a team of individuals committed to seeing the Lord bless their efforts to raise up a new church. With EVOLVE you will have a blueprint to developing a strong leadership team that is ready to work alongside of you to launch your vision of a new church.

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