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During the opening feast, Queen Alicent wore a green gown, while Princess Rhaenyra dressed in the red and black of House Targaryen. Note was taken, and thereafter it became the custom to refer to " greens " and " blacks " when talking of the queen's party and the party of the princess, respectively.

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Wearing Rhaenyra's favor, Ser Criston Cole unhorsed all of Alicent's champions in the tourney, including two of her cousins and her youngest brother, Ser Gwayne Hightower. The marriage caused a falling out between Rhaenyra and Criston. Rhaenyra gave birth to three sons— Jacaerys , Lucerys , and Joffrey Velaryon —during her marriage, although there were rumors that the father of these princes was not Laenor, but Ser Harwin Strong. Her sons by him were Aegon the Younger —called so to distinguish him from his uncle, Alicent's Aegon, who on occasion was called Aegon the Elder—and Viserys.

The relationship between Rhaenyra and Alicent declined early in Alicent's marriage to Viserys, since both ladies had been trying to be the realm's first lady, and there could only be one. As a consequence of their bad relation, Alicent's sons did not take to Rhaenyra's sons. Alicent's father, Ser Otto Hightower , had also disliked Rhaenyra's second husband, Prince Daemon, since the beginning of Viserys's reign, though the exact reasons are unknown. During the gathering, the conversation quickly stirred towards Rhaenyra's coronation, but Ser Otto Hightower , the Hand of the King , told those who had gathered that Prince Aegon the Elder would be crowned, whilst Lord Lyman Beesbury , the master of coin , insisted Rhaenyra should be crowned a queen.

Several other council members countered him. Lord Jasper Wylde mentioned that the Old King Jaehaerys I twice chose a male heir over the female heir and her descendants , and Ser Otto argued that Rhaenyra was married to Prince Daemon , who would become the true ruler, should Rhaenyra gain the crown. Both Hightower's argued that not only they, but also Alicent's children would die should Rhaenyra become their queen.

It would later be said that Prince Aegon only reluctantly accepted the crown because his mother, brothers, sister and children would otherwise be killed by Rhaenyra. Grand Maester Orwyle predicted a war, believing that Rhaenya would never be willing to give up her birthright, and had dragons at her disposal.


When Lyman declared that he was not willing to listen to people plotting to steal her crown and attempted to leave, Ser Criston killed him. This made Lord Beesbury the first casualty of the Dance of the Dragons. After Beesbury's death, the green council made their plans, vowing their loyalty to their new king, and arresting all those in King's Landing who could be loyal to Rhaenyra. To all those who might be loyal to Aegon, ravens were sent.

Meanwhile, Rhaenyra remained on Dragonstone , unaware of what had happened. By the time he left, the smell coming from Viserys I's room was all over Maegor's Holdfast. Seven days after Viserys had died, his death was announced to King's Landing and the silent sisters were sent for. Aegon's coronation was hastily prepared.

The Dragonpit was chosen as the site for its towering bronze doors, strong roof, and thick walls made it easily defensible. The night before, however, the first defection had taken place. Ser Steffon Darklyn of the Kingsguard had left the city, with, amongst other things, the crown worn by kings, Jaehaerys I and Viserys I.

On Dragonstone , Rhaenyra had learned about the death of her father and the betrayal of her siblings. Anger had made her go into labor, which lasted for three days and brought forth a stillborn, deformed girl, whom Rhaenyra named Visenya. Rhaenyra, in answer to Aegon's betrayal, swore revenge.

Rhaenyra made her own council at Dragonstone , the black council. Participants were, amongst others, her uncle-husband Daemon , her three eldest sons Jacaerys , Lucerys and Joffrey , Lord Corlys Velaryon , and his wife, Princess Rhaenys. During the council it was resolved that while Rhaenyra remained at Dragonstone to regain her health, Prince Daemon and Caraxes would travel to the riverlands , to make Harrenhal their base and rallying point for those loyal to Rhaenyra. House Velaryon would close off the Gullet blocking all shipping from Blackwater Bay.

Princess Rhaenys was convinced that Storm's End would declare for Rhaenyra, since Lord Boremund Baratheon , the deceased father of Lord Borros and Rhaenys's uncle, had always been a supporter of Rhaenys. Prince Daemon also was convinced that Lady Jeyne Arryn , the Maiden of the Vale, would bring her support to their side.

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Though they believed the north to be too remote to play an important part in the war, messages were to be sent to those lords nevertheless. Rhaenyra was crowned queen, using the crown her father and great-grandfather had worn, thanks to Ser Steffon Darklyn , who had arrived from King's Landing.

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Prince Daemon placed the crown on Rhaenyra's head himself and was named Protector of the Realm , and Jacaerys was officially named Prince of Dragonstone and heir to the Iron Throne. Declaring Ser Otto Hightower and Queen Alicent traitors, Rhaenyra allowed for her half-siblings to be forgiven if they would bend the knee. After being persuaded by his mother, Alicent and sister, Helaena , Aegon dispatched Grand Maester Orwyle to Dragonstone with a retinue under a peace banner, offering Rhaenyra generous terms, but was refused.

Not long after but not before swearing on the Seven-Pointed Star to go only as messengers, not knights did Rhaenyra's sons depart. Rhaenyra's second son, Lucerys, traveled to Storm's End. This conquest led to victories of the blacks at the Burning Mill and Stone Hedge and allowed the river lords, such as House Blackwood , to gather at Harrenhal.

Lucerys flew to Storm's End , arriving before a gathering storm. He found Prince Aemond and his dragon Vhagar already present. Aemond tried to goad Lucerys into a fight, insulting him, calling him a Strong bastard , but Lucerys, sworn not to fight, refused him.

He delivered his message to Lord Borros Baratheon , but was refused and told to leave.

Borros prevented Aemond from attacking his cousin in the castle, but did allow for the prince to follow him. Mounted on his dragon, Aemond caught up with Lucerys during a raging storm. The fight between the two dragons did not last long. Vhagar, being five times bigger, had the advantage, and Arrax fell broken. His head and neck washed ashore three days later, along with the corpse of Lucerys. Rhaenyra collapsed when learning of Lucerys's death. Prince Daemon , at Harrenhal , sent a raven to his wife, promising that her son's death would be avenged. Using one of his friends from King's Landing , Daemon enlisted the help of a former serjeant in the City Watch , known now only as Blood , and a rat-catcher from the Red Keep , known now only as Cheese.

The two sneaked into the Red Keep , using secret tunnels and hidden doors, which brought them into the Tower of the Hand. There, Queen Alicent was bound and gagged, and her bedmaid strangled. When Queen Helaena and her three children appeared, Blood and Cheese barred the doors and told Helaena to choose which of her sons would die. Helaena reluctantly chose Maelor , but Blood did the opposite and killed Prince Jaehaerys instead. The two fled with the prince's head, leaving the others unharmed. Blood was seized at the Gate of the Gods , with the head of Prince Jaehaerys hidden in a saddle sack.

Under torture, he confessed he was making for Harrenhal, to collect his reward from Prince Daemon. He also described the whore who had hired him and Cheese, Mysaria. In his wroth, King Aegon II ordered all the ratcatchers in the city to be hanged. Queen Helaena sank into a deep depression, refusing to eat, bathe or leave her chambers and couldn't stand to be in the presence of Maelor, having named him to die.

Thus, the king took Maelor from her and gave him to Queen Alicent to raise as if he were her own.

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Thereafter, king and queen slept separately. She fell deeper into madness, while Aegon fell into rage and drink. After the deaths of both princes, both sides called for vengeance. Lords called their banners and marched their armies. The forces of House Blackwood , which had declared for Rhaenyra, invaded the lands of the green-aligned House Bracken , putting villages to the torch and despoiling septs. The Bracken forces were surprised by the Blackwoods while on the march and were ultimately defeated in the Battle of the Burning Mill.

The survivors turned back to Stone Hedge , only to find it had been seized by the blacks in their absence. The Brackens yielded and thus King Aegon lost his last supporter in the Riverlands. Ser Otto Hightower , the Hand of the King, took to winning over lords, hiring sellswords, strengthening the defenses of King's Landing and seeking other alliances. He sent ravens to Winterfell , the Eyrie , Riverrun , White Harbor , Gulltown , Bitterbridge , Fair Isle and half a hundred other seats; he sent riders to the holdings closer to the capital, to summon their lords and ladies to court to do fealty to King Aegon.

He also reached out to Dorne , which had fought against Daemon in the War for the Stepstones , but Prince Qoren Martell refused to take part. His fears deepened when ravens returned from the Reach , where the greens thought themselves strongest, as Lords Costayne, Mullendore, Tarly, Rowan and Grimm declared for Rhaenyra. Such division led the castellan , steward and mother of the young Lord Tyrell, in their role as regents , to refuse to take part.

More blows came to Aegon II in the form of rejections from the Vale and the North, and the constant complaints of merchants for the closing of Blackwater Bay by the Sea Snake's fleets. With his overtures to Dalton Greyjoy ignored, Ser Otto sent envoys to the Kingdom of the Three Daughters , promising exclusive trading rights at King's Landing as well as ceding the Stepstones - even though the Iron Throne had never claimed them - if they would clear the Gullet of the Velaryon fleet.

The Triarchy was slow to move, however, as all important decisions were left in the hands of a High Council. Ser Criston's first advice to the king was to treat those who denied him fealty as traitors. Thus all the blacks imprisoned in the dungeons were dragged to the Red Keep 's yard before the King's Justice and his axe. Each prisoner was given a last chance to swear fealty to King Aegon.

Only Lords Butterwell, Stokeworth and Rosby bent the knee to Aegon II, while Lords Hayford, Merryweather, Harte, Buckler, Caswell and Lady Fell remained true to their vows to defend Rhaenyra's rights, and were beheaded along with eight landed knights and twoscore servants and retainers. Their heads were mounted on spikes above the gates of King's Landing. Not even the Kingsguard were unaffected by the Dance. The seven sworn brothers split upon the death of King Viserys I.

Desiring revenge for the murder of his heir, Aegon meant to descend on Dragonstone atop Sunfyre to seize or slay his half-sister and her "bastard sons". The green council managed to dissuade him. Ser Criston, still Lord Commander of the Kingsguard , proposed using stealth and treachery as the "pretender princess" had done.

It is uncertain whether he was to kill Rhaenyra or her children, as accounts differ. Munkun states the target was Rhaenyra, while Mushroom insists it was her sons Jacaerys and Joffrey "Strong". But the twins happened to come upon each other in one of the halls of the castle's citadel and fought to the death. According to songs, the brothers professed their love as their swords clashed, dying in one another's arms after fighting for an hour with duty in their hearts.

However, the account of Mushroom, who claimed to have witnessed the duel, they condemned each other as traitors and were both mortally wounded within moments.

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  • Ser Otto Hightower believed that Daemon was Rhaenyra's greatest weakness, and reached out to an old foe of Daemon's, the Kingdom of the Three Daughters across the narrow sea , hoping to use them against Corlys Velaryon. Aegon II was running out of patience, however, and removed Otto as Hand.

    Ser Criston Cole was named in his stead, and decided quick actions were necessary. Aegon acted by sacking Duskendale , and having Lord Darklyn beheaded for supporting Rhaenyra. Criston then turned his attention to Rook's Rest , for House Staunton had pledged their support to Rhaenyra as well. Lord Staunton defied his attackers and dispatched a raven to Dragonstone.

    When Sunfyre and Vhagar also appeared, the dragons fought a thousand feet above the ground. Meleys's jaws closed around Sunfyre's neck, and Vhagar fell upon them, causing all three dragons to crash. From the ashes, only Vhagar rose again. Sunfyre had one wing half torn from his body, whilst his rider, King Aegon II , suffered several broken bones and severe burns.

    Rhaenys was found completely burned next to Meleys. The head of Meleys was brought back to King's Landing , inspiring fear amongst the smallfolk and causing thousands to flee the capital until the gates were barred by Dowager Queen Alicent. Aegon was brought back to King's Landing, where maesters attended his severe wounds while he slept under the influence of milk of the poppy. Sunfyre was too large to be moved and was unable to fly. The dragon remained at Rook's Rest, where guards were posted to keep him safe and fed. With Aegon unable to rule, Aemond assumed the style of Protector of the Realm.

    Lord Corlys Velaryon , upon learning of the death of his wife Rhaenys, threatened to leave Rhaenyra's cause, until Prince Jacaerys named him Hand of the Queen. Jacaerys wanted to attack the capital with as many dragons as possible. With six riderless dragons present on Dragonstone , Jacaerys called out to dragonseeds , promising knighthood and wealth to anyone who could master a dragon. Many were injured or died amongst them Lord Commander Steffon Darklyn , though four people eventually succeeded.

    Corlys asked Rhaenyra to remove the taint of bastardy from Addam and his brother Alyn , making them true Velaryons , and he named Addam heir to Driftmark. Prince Aegon managed to escape by clinging to the neck of his dragon, Stormcloud , who was mortally wounded but delivered Aegon back to Dragonstone.

    Viserys, having only a dragon egg, was unable to escape, and was made a captive of Admiral Sharako Lohar of Lys. Aegon managed to make it to Dragonstone , and Prince Jacaerys on Vermax flew to the Lysene galleys, quickly followed by the four dragonseeds. The warships tried to flee, but in the fighting Vermax flew too low and crashed into the sea. Jacaerys leaped free, but was pierced by quarrels. The twenty-eight Lysene ships that survived sacked Spicetown on their way back, and butchered men, women, and children.

    High Tide , containing all of Lord Corlys Velaryon 's treasures, was consumed by fire, one-third of his fleet being destroyed. They closed around him, but Prince Daeron and his dragon Tessarion joined the battle. When some of his men returned, Sunfyre had disappeared. They found no tracks, suggesting Sunfyre had taken wing again despite his wounds.

    The dragon would not be seen for another half year. While the north assembled forces, Prince Aemond believed Daemon and his host at Harrenhal to be the real danger. Aemond and Ser Criston Cole rode from King's Landing with a host of four thousand and the dragon Vhagar into the riverlands. Daemon knew of their plans before Aemond had left the capital, however, and he hastened south on Caraxes , staying well away from Criston's line of march. Aemond and Criston found Harrenhal abandoned after a nineteen-day march, believing themselves victorious. Lords Garibald Grey , Jon Charlton and Benjicot Blackwood joined with the northmen and other rivermen the following day, while Lord Lefford's ravens were shot down.

    The day after, they began their battle, which would become the bloodiest land battle of the Dance. Hundreds died that day in the Battle by the Lakeshore , also called the Fishfeed, which destroyed the Lannister host. The death of Jacaerys Velaryon filled Rhaenyra with anger and hatred, and she decided to use her dragons. Grand Maester Orwyle , trying to dispatch ravens asking for help, was arrested before any letters could be sent.

    Riders bearing messages were arrested at the city gates, and the seven captains commanding the gates we killed or arrested, all by those gold cloaks still loyal to Daemon, who had once commanded them. The city gates were opened for the men arriving with the Velaryon fleet. King's Landing fell in less than a day. All from the green council remaining in King's Landing yielded, and Rhaenyra took her place on the Iron Throne. Ser Tyland Lannister was given to the torturers, in the hopes of regaining some of the gold he had hidden. Aemond and Criston at Harrenhal could no longer agree on a plan of action.

    Criston wished to withdraw south to join with Lord Ormund Hightower and Prince Daeron Targaryen , while Aemond wished to attack the capital. Criston led the greens' army south, while Aemond remained to ravage the riverlands, hoping that Rhaenyra would send a dragon after him. At the beginning of the war, the office of master of ships had been offered to Dalton Greyjoy , Lord of the Iron Islands , by the greens.

    Rhaenyra's council offered Dalton something more to his liking, however, and so House Greyjoy declared for the blacks. With Lord Jason Lannister dying after the Red Fork , his Lannister army destroyed at the Fishfeed , and the green armies of the Reach marching east to Tumbleton , the coasts of the westerlands only had skeleton defenses.

    For several years, Dalton and his ironborn raided and pillaged the coasts of the westerlands and the Reach. Dalton captured Kayce and Fair Isle , and though the ironborn could not force entry into Casterly Rock after Jason's widow Johanna closed its gates, they sacked Lannisport.

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    Ser Criston Cole , going south, found everything in front of him dead: forests, villages, horses, men. His scouts found scenes where armored corpses sat beneath the trees, rotting away, a mockery of the fallen throwing a feast. At Crossed Elms , however, the corpses were actually disguised blacks who attacked Criston and his men when they were riding past. Criston challenged them to single combat, but was refused. The battle was the most decisive in the Dance, and after Criston died, his men were killed by the hundreds in the rout.

    The massacre became known as the Butcher's Ball , and it marked the high point of Rhaenyra's fortunes. Prince Daemon took residence at Maidenpool with Nettles , while Aemond terrorized the riverlands , striking at Stonyhead , the Mountains of the Moon , Sweetwillow and Sallydance , and many more. Each day Caraxes and Sheepstealer unsuccessfully searched for Vhagar from Maidenpool.

    The army of Lord Ormund Hightower , accompanied by Prince Daeron and his dragon Tessarion , slowly advanced on King's Landing , defeating Rhaenyra's loyalists wherever they went. Men and women clamored over the three-year-old boy, each trying to claim him, until the boy was torn to pieces. A vengeful Daeron burned the town with the sack of Bitterbridge.

    Ulf the White and Hugh Hammer flew to Tumbleton , but Rhaenyra's forces there were greatly outnumbered by the approaching Hightower army. In addition, Ulf and Hugh, since then known as the Two Betrayers , changed their allegiance to the greens. Though Ormund and his cousin Ser Bryndon died in the First Battle of Tumbleton , killed by Roddy the Ruin , who himself was mortally injured, the Hightower army kept the advantage. The dragons Vermithor , Silverwing and Tessarion let loose their flames upon Tumbleton, which was savagely sacked. Votre adresse e-mail ne sera pas visible. Pour avoir une image de profil, utilisez le service gravatar.

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