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Soon Zack became an overnight sensation. During the early days Zack keeps on talking about his family, Reese and his faith but soon he was forced to compromise and the values he cherished so much for so long were sacrificed at the altar of his misplaced priorities.

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When Fifteen Minutes airs its opening episode that shows Zack and a female contestant Zoey Davis in a dark hallway and kissing - and the media labeling them Romeo and Juliet, a shell-shocked Reese knew it was time to make hard choices. Chandra Olson and Kelly Morgan are two of the judges in the show. Watching Zack's life spiraling out of control, they are determined not to let him walk the path they had walked, which cost them both dearly.

But how will they convince Zack to avoid the traps they fell into? Can Zack reclaim his past, his faith, his family, his values and his Reese or has he gone too far for the damages to be repaired? Though the ending is a bit of a surprise, it is an appropriate finish to a story that many readers will love to read over and over again.

Fifteen Minutes of Fame: A Stand-up Comedy Showcase

Fifteen Minutes by Karen Kingsbury is a warning that there is a price to be paid for everything while calling on every one to stay true to their values. It is a fascinating contemporary fiction that will leave fans clamoring for more! Jan 09, Gabrielle rated it really liked it. I love Karen Kingsbury.

I always will. There is just something about these books that I inordinately gravitate towards. And I always try to read each of her new releases before too much time elapses. The story of Zach Dylan is one that is easily pictured. Reading it right around the time that a popular singing competition show is about to air makes the story of Fifteen Minutes all the more real. I found myself putting in names of actual judges and hosts, etc. Perhaps that is a downside--the plo I love Karen Kingsbury. Perhaps that is a downside--the plot borders on feeling very recycled. In fact, I personally feel that the character of Zach Dylan is very similar to that of Colton Dixon, the Christian stand out on American Idol a few seasons ago.

I am of the opinion, however, that Karen Kingsbury went to him for "fact checking" for much of this has to have come from insider information as it were.

Yet the fact remains. I loved the characters. I take that back--I found Zach to be an annoying jerk through much of the book and I was okay with where it left him. Instead, I preferred the stories of the other characters involved--Zach's girlfriend, Reese, and the two judges of "Fifteen Minutes"--Kelly and Chandra. While this is a stand alone book, I would not be shocked in the least if Karen decided to do a prequel of sorts so we could know how characters got to this point or a sequel because certain story lines are not wrapped up as well as we expect standalone Karen books to be So while the book doesn't have that emotional impact that, say, her "Redemption Series" does, Karen Kingsbury still manages to write books that I enjoy in a day, that I feel a part of Feb 19, Gretchen Scott rated it liked it.

I really liked seeing what celebrities really go through and kind of what their emotions are. I would have liked to know what happened between Zack and Reese in the end, because you got more closure with the other characters and you could kinda figure out what was going to happen with them.

Al in All this was an ok book i'm honestly more into historical fiction, no so much contemporary, also I'm not a big fan of shows like Fifteen Minutes. Oct 27, Sally rated it it was amazing. I have been reading Karen Kingsbury since she began writing and I keep thinking I've "outgrown" her books. I think they are great for young adult women as well as young girls. However, having said that I don't seem to stop wanting to read them.

They are sappy and sentimental, yet I can't stay away. I guess I really like them deep down, even though I don't consider myself sentimental and I'm definitely not in the "young" age category any more. This book is no exception. I think since Karen's daug I have been reading Karen Kingsbury since she began writing and I keep thinking I've "outgrown" her books.

I think since Karen's daughter Kelsey married a Christian "star" she is delving into that category in her writing. This story is based on an "American Idol" type program - singing contest - instant fame. The characters are in danger of giving up that which is most important which is their faith and anonymity. The cost of fame is high. This book gives us a real taste of that as well as priorities in life - what is important anyway? This is a great book for star-struck young people - a reality check. Karen's books always have a great, common-sense message.

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By moving to Nashville, Karen has opened up a new genre of writing. I love it! I always wondered about the Christian rock stars, how they can keep their humility. This book gives a peak behind that curtain. I consider it a very interesting and entertaining read! I received a free review copy from Howard Books in exchange for my honest review. I have been as honest as I could. Thank you Howard for publishing great inspirational books! Nov 11, Carolyn rated it it was amazing. As published on my blog: Hey, Folks! I just concluded "Fifteen Minutes," the outstanding new work of fiction written by Karen Kingsbury, which was released late last month.

As is often the case with this blog, Howard Books graciously provided me with a copy through www. As always, honesty is my policy. I was excited to add my two cents about this title because it combines two of my favorite things: faith in Jesus and country music. The s As published on my blog: Hey, Folks! The story follows Zack Dylan as he tries to become famous while still bringing glory to God on a competition show along the same lines as American Idol.

Kingsbury is one of my all time favorite authors, due not only to her superior writing style, but also her ability to weave solid biblical truths subtly and seamlessly into incredibly entertaining fiction. When I turned the last page, I felt as if I were leaving behind dear friends, not just one dimensional characters in a book. For me, that is the hallmark of a wonderful read. It is a joy to award this volume an exuberant five out of five stars! There is nothing undesirable contained within, but it is probably best appreciated by those who are age twelve and older.

Go out and pick one up as soon as possible! Until we meet again Happy Reading! Oct 16, Beth Strand rated it it was amazing. Now, the stakes have changed.

Can she help Zack avoid the pitfalls of fame or will he have to choose to sacrifice family and faith on the altar of stardom? Karen Kingsbury delivers consistently high-end fiction. This book was provided to me by the publisher for this review. The opinions, however, are entirely my own! Jan 08, Lois rated it it was ok.

I used to get enthralled with a Karen Kingsbury novel. The plots and characters were believable, and I would be drawn in to their world for the few hours that I couldn't put the book down. I didn't read her last series because they were all about seeking fame and fortune. This one was independent an apparent stand-alone title so I read it for literary dessert, since I've been doing some heavy reading lately.

I've never watched American Idol, but this title seems to be a take-off on that co Meh. I've never watched American Idol, but this title seems to be a take-off on that concept. Really shallow idea that Zach a worship leader at his church would "fall" for a blond high school cheerleader who is your stereotypical blond high school cheer leader. The whole book followed a chronological sequence until the last two chapters or so.

It's as if Kingsbury had a deadline and needed to finish the book. I'll just skip ahead a little bit and tie up this loose end, and skip ahead again and close this. She even threw in Christianese cliches randomly so the reader would know which characters were Christians. The whole book appeared to be the result of a weekend's worth of writing. Sorry, Karen Kingsbury, this is not your best work. But, it did fill the need I had of reading an easy, entertaining story. Oct 31, Gail Welborn rated it it was amazing Shelves: reviews.

The drama is set amidst the glamour, glitter and glitz of Fifteen Minutes of Fame, a show patterned after American Idol and "X Factor" Although elusive temptations may lead to fame they also lead to serious compromise, one seemingly small request at a time. The story centers around Christian worship leader and teen country singer, Zach Dylan who believes God has given him an enormous witnessing opportunity when he auditions and wins a place on the Fifteen Minutes reality show.

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Zach has no fear of fame since he feels sheltered by his faith in God. Jan 03, Carol Nicolas rated it really liked it Shelves: adult , women-s-fiction , adult-fiction , christian. Zack Dylan is a talented singer and songwriter who promises that nothing can change his devotion to God, family, and his girlfriend.

But when he leaves his home on a Kentucky horse farm to compete on the reality TV show Fifteen Minutes, he has no idea how hard it will be to keep that promise. The tentacles of fame and success slowly wrap around him, trap him, and squeeze the life out of him until Zack faces personal disaster. His one champion is Chandra Olson, a diva pop star who is one of the s Zack Dylan is a talented singer and songwriter who promises that nothing can change his devotion to God, family, and his girlfriend. His one champion is Chandra Olson, a diva pop star who is one of the show's judges. She has been where he is now, and she clearly sees the path to destruction he travels.

The question is, will she be able to get through to Zack before it's too late? This book is a sobering look at the cost of fame, money, and success, and the misplaced emphasis our society places on them. View 2 comments. Jun 04, Nikolia rated it it was ok Shelves: christian-fiction. I've read almost all of Karen Kingsbury's books and this was such a huge disappointment.

The writing was terrible, I can't deal with the "cliffhanger" sentences anymore, and I didn't connect with any of the characters. One thing I did like about this book was that it didn't end like I expected it to. Kingsbury's books used to leave me in tears and enhance my relationship with God, but this book just seemed shallow - including the way the characters' faith is described.

There was even a line that I've read almost all of Karen Kingsbury's books and this was such a huge disappointment. There was even a line that said something like, "Fame wouldn't change him. God loved him too much for that. OK story, but I hope Kingsbury's next books are more like her earlier writings. Apr 30, Lou rated it it was ok Shelves: contemporary , christian-fiction. This is story is good. Really good. But honestly is not for me.

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I wish I could say I enjoyed it but I cannot lie, specially when it took me too long to read it. Maybe I'll be reading another Karen Kingsbury book in the future but I'll make sure I like the plot first and not buy it just because it was five dollars in Barnes and Noble. The characters were too extreme - Zack is just soooo good-looking he looks like Elvis No one. Too much to take. The Characters are very relate-able and the storyline keeps you interested. Something Zack could never have imagined. While Zack advances from one round of the competition to the next, an offer comes to Reese—one that will take her to a home halfway around the world.

Then Chandra Olson—reigning diva pop star and one of the Fifteen Minutes judges—intervenes. It wasn't overly Godly or religious, but was enough to know that Karen Kingsbury is comfortable writing about her faith and beliefs, which I really respect. I found the Fifteen Minutes really grasped me and I had to know what happened to Zack on the show and where that left him and Reese.

I also found the sub stories of Kelly and Chandra very interesting and liked how they were woven in with the stories of Zack, Zoe and Reese. The narrator, Kirby Heybourne did a wonderful job reading the book. The only quirk that I had was not with the narrator in particular, but the fact that when it came to a song in the book, the song or lyrics were just read.

I think that it would have made this book over the top, and possibly that 5th star read for me if the songs would have actually been sung. It didn't even have to have music to accompany it, aA' Capella would have been just fine, at least for me! I was able to easily following Kirby's reading and kept in tune with the story just fine.

He did a great job of distinguishing between characters and made the listening of Fifteen Minutes an enjoyable experience. I thought that the characters were well thought-out and thorough. I felt like they came from a different breed than the characters I usually read about in mystery and suspense books, however, that different breed was quite refreshing!

I thought that there was a great amount of diversity between the characters and they mixed well together to create a great novel. However, I was quite irked by the Zoe kink in the story and every part of that annoyed me, from the beginning and her introduction, to the end result. I felt like she instigated it all from the very beginning to the end, and was disappointed that Zack just let it go when he was confronted with information that she was behind it!

That's about the only thing that really got to me, other than the songs not being sung! The story was a great, lesson-learning story, that I am thrilled to have been able to read. I didn't necessarily care for the ending too much, because I felt like it left too much open, left too much for me to guess what happened. I would have liked a more defined ending as to this is exactly what happened.

I could easily see the theme of the book and the point that Kindbury was trying to convey to her readers that even people with the strongest faith, can be changed in a matter of seconds, without even realizing it, that it is harder to be true to yourself and your faith than you may think that it is. Overall, I really enjoyed listening to Fifteen minutes while driving, and found myself just wanted to drive more or wait in the car just a little bit longer just so that I could listen to a little bit more.

I really did enjoy this book! Feb 02, Cathy rated it really liked it. Another great read by KK. It shows the cost of fame and the reality of the reality singing competition shows. The plot is engrossing and keeps you wondering what is really going to happen to the hero. I was a little disappointed that the ending kept you hanging some If you are an American Idol or The Voice fan this is a must read for you. Strong Christian message and a hero worth rooting for. Aug 13, Elizabeth rated it it was ok Shelves: fiction.

View 1 comment. Oct 25, Kathleen Kat Smith rated it it was amazing Shelves: contemporary-fiction , christian-inspirational-fiction , christian-fiction , religion , young-adult-fiction , christian-teen-fiction , chick-literature , inspirational-fiction. For anyone with a music talent, all they are longing for is just their 15 minutes of fame. A chance to prove to the world and themselves that they truly possess a talent that could possibly launch them into being the next big thing. That is just what Zack Dylan, a talented country music singer with the looks of Elvis, hopes to prove by auditioning for Fifteen Minutes, a music show much like The Voice or American Idol that could offer Zack the brass ring to fame.

Believing that he does have what For anyone with a music talent, all they are longing for is just their 15 minutes of fame. Believing that he does have what it takes to rise to the top of the music charts, Zack believes that God is leading him to this path, a way to provide for his family financially if he makes it to the final round and wins the competition.

But his grandfather and his girlfriend, Reese Weatherly believe that this isn't the way God wants him to go. Nonetheless they will both keep him in prayer and if God wants Zack to continue, then they will support whatever doors God opens for him. Struggling to keep his family's horse farm afloat as well as provide for the ongoing medical care his sister A. And at first, Zack remains committed to keeping his faith intact and praying for God to use him as a tool in this industry.

But soon the scenes behind the television series show that the things people see on the show aren't really what's going on and what sells ratings and increased viewers are where they will go despite the reservations of the competitors, one of which is to prohibit Zack from openly sharing his faith in God and instead show a seedier side of romance blossoming between him and fellow competitor Zoey. Reese Weatherly has been given an opportunity to teach her equine therapeutic skills to a facility in London for the next year, and while despite having some reservations about the limited conversations she is having with Zack while he is going through the auditions, she believes he still loves her.

Not that he'd be the best singer or that this would be his brightest stage moment ever. She prayed for something else, something that mattered more. For God's will, whatever it was. That above all else. Taking all the clues together paints a far different picture than the one Zack is leading her to believe. Will she be willing to wait for Zack or will she accept the fact that God has different plans for them than becoming man and wife despite their heartfelt prayers? I did not receive any monetary compensation for a favorable review and the opinions expressed are my own.

This takes readers behind the scenes at what might possibly go on in the music competition shows that are becoming the latest rage and once again showing that what we see on television isn't necessarily what is really happening. It teaches us through the story that there is a price for everything in life and the one for fame and fortune might just cost us everything we hold dear including our faith.

The cost. One that puts ratings about anything else. That there is a cost associated with anything we do and sometimes that line can be blurred between what we think God has placed in front of us or in fact our own desires superseding His. It made me look at what the real cost of fame and being a celebrity really is and how truly sad their lives are despite all their wealth and notoriety. They search for happiness in all the wrong places and in the end have little more than shattered lives left in the end.

I rate this novel a 5 out of 5 stars and once again Karen Kingsbury has hit a home run! Synopsis from Amazon. Spiritual Content- Ecclesiastes , Philippians ; All three main characters pray; Scriptures are quoted. Fifteen Minutes is available to purchase from Amazon. It does not mean I recommend all the books by this author.

I received no compensation for this review and only received a copy of the book for review purposes. Review copy provided by the publisher. Nov 21, Sarita rated it liked it Shelves: kindle , christian-contemporary. I am a huge Karen Kingsbury fan. Only a few of her books I still need to read. Fifteen minutes was again one of her well written books.

The main character Zack, has a strong relationship with God and feels he should participate in 15 minutes, a singing competition, and strongly believes he will be able to shine his light to the world and be a testimony for God. He left his girlfriend, Reese behind. But then Zack is faced with some difficult decisions. I liked the story line. How often are we face I am a huge Karen Kingsbury fan. How often are we faced with a similar situation, going in believing we are doing what God wants, but letting pressure or frustration bring us a bit down, and then we are hard on ourselves for messing up, forgetting about God's grace.

The way the characters' struggles, decisions and their relationship with God was presented was so true and honest, it could be someone we know. The character Zack frustrated me a lot. I wanted to hit him behind the head with some decisions he made. I was angry at him and actually told my husband this guy in the book makes me so mad!

Why can't he stay strong and make the clear right decisions and how can't he see through Zoey, who also irritated me. But then later when there was a turnaround I felt compassion for him. The ending left you wondered what would happen between the characters. It felt a bit unfinished. But, on the other hand, the ending was more realistic. I am glad it did not end like one of those romance books where everything just works out like that.

Sometimes it takes more time for issues to be dealt with. Somewhere in the middle of the book I did not like the story much, but by the time I finished the book I was sad to see it end and really enjoyed it. Oct 31, Mark rated it it was amazing. I haven't read many Karen Kingsbury books for a while, but I had been checking this one out and thinking about reading it.

When I got a chance to review it, I jumped for it, and am glad I did. I enjoyed the book a lot. So many Christian fiction books center on female characters, and the Christian fiction market is mostly a women's market. This book, though written by a woman, centered on a young man, so admittedly that helped me get into the story more than had it been the usual female lead.

An I haven't read many Karen Kingsbury books for a while, but I had been checking this one out and thinking about reading it. And no, I have nothing against female leads in a story, its just easier to relate to a character of the same gender. The plot involves a young Christian guy trying out for an American Idol type competition. I am not at all into American Idol, nor anything close, but it made for a fascinating plot. The story was very entertaining, and I really liked the main character, but it also brought out the dangers of popularity and money for a Christian.

I felt Karen gave a great look into what it must be like to be on a show like that, and the affect it can have on anyone, but especially a young guy trying to live a life pleasing to God. Sometimes with a book like this, it can seem a bit unrealistic, but I didn't feel that with this book. Karen took a very ordinary character with a talent, and showed the what it takes to get on a reality vocal show.

I walked away having enjoyed a great book, but also with the sober reminder of how easy it is to get off track spiritually, and how even small choices can affect the big picture. I would highly recommend this book. It is definitely worth reading. Sep 10, Jonas Standley rated it it was amazing. It is about a young man Zack Dylan who wants to be used by God for greater things than just at his hometown on a Kentucky Horse Farm being a worship leader. He wants to help out his farm and his young sister A. He wants to go and be on this popular T. He will be able to shine for God, and if there is a chance that he can win, it will be enough money so that he can help his family with their financial issues and his sick sister.

He told his girlfriend Reese Weatherly that he would shine for Jesus and not let fame get to him. His faith will be tested by God when he becomes famous. The judges have to tell him to cut back expressing his faith,and if he doesn't,he will be automatically disqualified. He begins to have feelings for the young lady Zoey,and The show Fifteen Minutes makes them out to be the Romeo and the Juliet of the show. What is Zack to do? If he can't express his Love for Jesus then why is he on Fifteen Minutes? Find out in Fifteen Minutes by Karen Kingsbury.

The Marilyn Manson song " I Don't Like the Drugs But the Drugs Like Me ", released on his album Mechanical Animals , alludes to the term in the line "We're rehabbed and we're ready for our fifteen minutes of shame", as part of the song's theme of unrepentant escapism through drugs. The heavy metal single, " Determined " from the band Mudvayne 's third studio album, Lost and Found , had a brief mention of "fifteen minutes of fame" in the lyrics.

After experiencing a boom of recognition in the late s, the rock group Sugar Ray made an album entitled " ", jesting that their 15 minutes of fame was almost over. In , the band Shinedown came out with the song "special" which mentions not waiting on 15 minutes of fame. It is on their album Attention Attention.

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Musician and actor Tim Minchin refers to the phrase and to Warhol explicitly in his song "15 minutes", wherein the phrase "15 minutes of shame" is sung repeatedly to describe the phenomenon of online shaming. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. December 1, In Michelson, Annette ed. Andy Warhol. The MIT Press.

Where's My Fifteen Minutes? Martin's Griffin. The Pinballs. Wildside Press. American Sociological Review. BearManor Media. Archived from the original on Retrieved May 27, October 19,