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Two-way traffic signals will be installed to allow work on the 18th century Dry Arch Bridge, including repairs to stone masonry, drainage improvements and the installation of highway kerbs. Motorists travelling between Bath and Wiltshire, along the stretch of road known locally as Sally in the Wood, have been told to expect delays.

It will start on September 4 and is expected to last until November 24, By Andrew Baber Senior news and sports writer. Roadworks along this route are expected to last until November Image: Google Get the biggest Daily stories by email Subscribe We will use your email address only for the purpose of sending you newsletters. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights.

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Sally Bollywood - Trouble at the Museum

Follow BathChron. Show more comments. Crime Top 40 small 'crimes' committed by the average person - how many are you aware of? The average Brit commits 32 different 'crimes' every year according to a new study. I know a lot of people who go up there regularly and we talk. An increasing number of people who I know and meet regularly who walk there have reported the same thing.

[Bathford, Avon][Sally-in-the woods][One Infinity][V? / 8b+]

Off the paths it is a SSSI. When you ride off the paths you cause damage to protected species and Nature England, which is responsible for policing every SSSI, knows that people are riding off the paths up there and sent me an email a few weeks ago saying that they were planning a crackdown.

So you could be riding off the path up there and suddenly find yourself stopped by a Nature England Inspector, arrested and fined heavily. If you know it is an SSSI and choose to ignore this then you deserve the consequences. The other problem relates to riding on the paths. The reason mountain bikers like it so much is that it is challenging and I understand this. The reason it is challenging is that the paths are narrow, rocky and have unguarded descents of over ft in places.

I walk with a stick, slowly. I can easily understand the thrill. This is the problem. And the needs of people who use it put them in direct conflict with each other. I have spoken to plenty of walkers up there who report that they have had dogs run over, near misses, been forced off the paths above steep falls, startled, sworn at and generally treated with a total lack of respect.

And there is a big sign at the entrance that clearly states that bikes should not be ridden there, as well as repeater signs at points along the trail, many of which have been ripped off. Have a look at the videos on YouTube and you will see the problem for yourself. So, what do I think should be done? Firstly, the off-path issue. MTB riders should not ride off the paths and cause damage to protected species. I would hope that every person who reads this would agree.

No excuses, it is wrong. If Nature England does what it has told me it will do and sends Inspectors there who nick people, I think they only have themselves to blame. Secondly, on-path.

Sally's Cave

A couple of riders have told me that they only ride there as a link between other places, rather than seeing it as a destination in its own right. I have to say I struggle to believe this from the way in which many riders ride there. If it is a link between other places I would urge riders to be ultra cautious on the paths and think about who you might come across.

Ride alone or in small groups and always be ready to stop. I think the hills around Bath lend themselves to MTB riding and I think Bath needs a dedicated facility that is purpose designed and built, that could incorporate a challenging trail for experienced riders and a more family-friendly trail alongside. Somebody is going to get nailed by Nature England. Somebody is going to get badly hurt riding on the paths. This goes two ways. Considering the damage that unrestrained dogs do to flora and fauna and the fact that they do not stick to the paths , you should also insist that ALL dogs are kept on a lead in this area.

Not to do so would make you a massive hypocrite. I did indeed, as that is exactly how he came across.

Climbs at this crag

As a writer, you really should learn to be more likeable in written form. You do so here, although I doubt that your post would get as much nodding approval from the foaming mouthed hunter wellie brigade. In addition to this, the current SSSI report for the site, only a few weeks old, lists nearly all of the site in favourable condition, does not express any concerns over current access arrangements and does not even mention mountain biking or off road cycling, let alone classify it as a problem needing action to protect the integrity of the SSSI units.

If you have concerns over trail user conflict, then fine, lets discuss them and find a solution, but to dress them up in the camouflage of concern for nature on a protected site is not only disingenuous but downright underhanded. I would be more than happy to discuss with you ways of managing the problems caused by mountainbikers, the finer balances of SSSI designation, mitigation measures and ways of minimising conflict between different user groups — however running around spouting utter lies is not the way to start off the conversation.

Anybody who causes damage to protected flora and fauna in a SSSI is liable to the same penalty, regardless of whether they are a cyclist or a walker. So you keep your dogs are kept on a lead in this SSSI then? If not, as a responsible person who is going to extreme lengths to point out potential damage done by others, you had better start.

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A responsible citizen would surely turn himself over to, and bear the full force of, Natural England and its inspectorate. Malcolm, for what its worth my offer of trying to offer you advice on methods of minimising conflict stands, this is an area of some expertise for some of us round here, who have worked extensively with organisations like the Forestry Commission, National Trust, and yes, Natural England to solve exactly these type of problems in a cooperative and respectful manner that leads to positive outcomes, since inclusion sees a much more effective solution with better compliance.

An increasing number of people who I know and meet regularly who walk there have reported the same thing]. Nothing to do with being a Director of the holding Company behind the Bath Mercury then……. Before I moved and wrecked my back!

Reviewer notes

I was there 3 times a week as part of my loop, normally ending by dropping down to the viaduct, then up the back of the university hill and down through the illegal university trails. Yes, I can travel a lot faster than them, however normally they move aside when I approach from behind, and I stop when we are head on. People, especially right next to a city, tend to know how to get on with each other. As for the sign vandalising, go up there later at night and you may well find your culprits. Not a keyboard war that creates a lot of heat and no light.

Everyone I know rides responsibly, slows down or stops for walkers, and stays on the paths. We are predominately talking about a bunch of middle aged, middle class, well behaved men here.

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I would say that I have never seen any irresponsible riding at the Folly. MTB riders should not ride off the paths……etc etc stay on the paths. A couple of riders have told me that they only ride there as a link between other places, rather than seeing it as a destination in its own right……. I would say in my experience that this is not quite correct.

The main path can lend itself to part of a longer loop this is true. However it would be one of the highlights of any ride, not a mere linking section. It is the quality of the riding there that is the heart of the problem. People have been riding the Folly main path for over 20 years because it is very good to ride. It is a true classic section: if you set out to design a MTB course you would struggle to make one as good as has evolved at the Folly. There is nothing else quite like it.

It is this that leads me to the opinion that attempts to enforce a no cycling policy are futile. Nothing that has been done towards this so far has made the least bit of difference. In my opinion the only option that AWT has is to approach the local groups and come to a policy of agreed use.

That could be a time or seasonal based voluntary ban, or it could be sticking to certain less populated routes only. Whatever it is, a discussion needs to happen. Has worked so far. T, as I described above, I own the Bath Mercury. It is the pilot of a series of online local newspapers in South West England. I own Techspeak Ltd which publishes the Bath Mercury. No mystery. I know this may sound a bit boring but I genuinely care.

If you are a careful, considerate and responsible person then I would hope that you might agree with this. Careful, considerate and responsible mountain bike riders deserve more freedom. Their freedom is threatened by the actions of inconsiderate, selfish idiots. I want to deal with inconsiderate, selfish idiots, not careful, considerate and responsible mountain bikers.

This particular bit of trail austerity fits right in. So why the call to ban all of them then? By the same logic, do we ban all walkers from the woods just because some of them are there to vandalise and take drugs? A small group I think you would agree.