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The story follows Buster Brown, a Dachshund, who embarks an adventurous journey to recover the Legend hidden and held secret for thousands of years. However, at first, Buster Brown rejects the call to fulfill his destiny, resulting in hardships and trials that eventually lead him to accept who he is.

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The journey is both emotionally and spiritually awakening for Buster as he encounters life changing and near-death situations. In many respects, Buster's journey is like our own, an adventure of faith where we find our true selves and why we are here. Perhaps in following Buster Brown in search of The Legend of the Dog you will answer these same questions for yourself, why am I here and what is my purpose?

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Join Buster Brown on his quest for the Legend Product Details About the Author. About the Author Rich lives in Niceville, Florida with his wife Laney, surrounded by kids, grandkids, great grand kids and a myriad of wonderful fourlegged friends. He settled in this peaceful village after traveling the world in the Air Force and retiring some 30 years ago. It's challenging, colourful, and just overall fun to play. The gameplay becomes almost addictive after awhile. Just has enought of what's make the game fun to keep playing and making you wanna beat your own record.

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My wife and I played the game together. Hey man! I loved your game : it was super fun and a bit challenging which is awesome. Here's my take on it : enjoy! After seeing this game being played so much I decided to give it a go and I was not dissapointed! This is so adorable and fun! Was it just playing hard to pet? This game was so adorable! Had to stalk other videos to get a peep on all those cute pups.

Also really awesome character animations! Will please make a mobile version of this game it would make an amazing mobile game for apple and android. I played it for my channel and personally it was awesome! Absolutely wonderful and whimsical way to cheer up after a stressful day at work! That's what I was really after anyway. I tried the usually F11, but I had no idea it was "alt; return". Is this indicated anywhere and I simply missed it?

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  • Will can you please make a mobile version of this game for apple and android this would make an amazing mobile game. This game was challenging at first, but I got the hang of it after the second playing!


    Very cute, funny and challenging! Love it! The obvious place to start was with the chupacabra bodies. These have mostly turned up in Texas and other south-western US states, and Radford has recorded about a dozen in total. They are quite horrific-looking: hairless, with a gaunt appearance and burnt-looking skin.

    However, DNA tests revealed a pretty mundane reality.

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    The bodies have invariably turned out to be coyotes, dogs or raccoons — barring one that was actually a fish. The reason these animals get identified as chupacabras is because they've lost their hair owing to sarcoptic mange. But despite clear DNA evidence, this version of events is a little fishy. The people who found and often shot these creatures were usually ranchers or rural folk who should recognise a coyote when they see one. So where does this confusion come from? Sarcoptic mange is caused by itch-inducing mites called Sarcoptes scabei burrowing into the upper layer of the skin.

    It is very common. Add to this the self-inflicted wounds from scratching and a hairless body, and you have yourself a "chupacabra". Sarcoptes mites are thought to have infested humans for hundreds of thousands of years, but in more recent evolutionary history made the transition to dogs and other similar animals. This could explain why scabies in humans — the minor rash that results from the mites burrowing into our skin — is a relatively trivial affair, whereas in dogs it can cause death. These animals might not have had long enough to evolve an effective immune response to the mites.

    But the chupacabras are only half the story. There are also the reports of dead livestock. So what's going on there? The answer, once again, is surprisingly straightforward. These animals are most likely the victims of ordinary predators, such as dogs or other canids. It is not uncommon for a dog to bite an animal in the neck and then leave it.

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    Quite often the animal will then die from internal haemorrhaging, with no other injuries apart from puncture marks. And while, thanks to Dracula, puncture marks in the neck tend to be associated with vampires, Bill Schutt of the American Museum of Natural History in New York, US, says unequivocally that this is not how real-world blood-sucking creatures actually behave.

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    • In fact, if we compare the characteristics of real blood-feeding animals such as vampire bats with those of the chupacabra, there are hardly any similarities. Vampires, according to Schutt, are small and stealthy, with specialised teeth and digestive systems that allow them to extract nutrients from blood. A creature the size of a dog "would starve to death pretty quickly on a blood meal," he says, owing to the lack of essential components such as fat. Besides the presence of these "tell-tale" bite marks, Radford thinks he knows why worried ranchers might attribute the death of their animals to a blood feeder.

      Having found a mysterious corpse, they would examine it and perhaps cut into it, expecting blood to spurt out — but they would be surprised. It's called lividity , and it gives the illusion that they've been drained of blood. So if all the mythology surrounding the chupacabra actually comes down to some fairly commonplace natural phenomena, why do the stories live on with such vehemence today?