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Can a country be like a marriage that has run out of cash and steam, resulting in the inevitable frank discussions about just who is pulling his or her own weight? Eventually, even those who love each other sometimes conclude they cannot stay together. When the enemy was outside—for example, the threat perceived when the Soviet Union launched Sputnik and people feared America would lose the brain race—we rallied. Now the enemy is within, and we polarize. Citizenship, Enriquez says, is like buying into a national brand.

If the brand promises one thing and delivers another, could it then have the same fate as a tired product on a supermarket shelf, eroding, losing support, even disappearing?

Countries, even one as powerful and successful as America, live on fault lines. What America will look like in fifty years depends on what we do today to act on the issues raised in The Untied States of America. Also available as an eBook.

Will America always fly the Stars and Stripes? Will its borders be the same in 50 years? It may sound crazy, but the answers to those questions are less certain than most Americans probably think.

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History shows flags and borders change frequently. Countries are like marriages--they fall apart all the time. Three-quarters of the countries in the United Nations were not there 50 years ago. He argues that Americans should get ready now for a messy, secession-driven future. Enriquez is a former Mexican government official and fellow at Harvard's Center for International Affairs.

He says growing political, racial, and economic divisions in the U. It has happened before. Enriquez points to the Philippines, which gained independence from the U. In Texas, he writes, 42 percent of people support secession and a confederation with the U.

Unfortunately, while Enriquez addresses an important topic, his writing style is sensationalistic and plays loose with some facts. For example, he claims that the Canadian province of Quebec bans toys that use a language other than French--not true--and that 94 percent of Quebec voters rejected independence for the province in a referendum; the correct number is 51 percent. Enriquez also employs a distracting and jarring presentation style: He rarely writes a paragraph longer than one sentence, and each page is a cacophony of bolded and capitalized words and varying font sizes, a provocative choice that in this case comes off as strange and amateurish.

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Juan Enriquez has a career that spans business, domestic and international politics, and science. Enriquez is the CEO of Biotechonomy, a life-sciences research and venture capital firm. Convert currency. Add to Basket. They intend to privatize every single thing on which they can lay their hands, from public schools to Social Security to Medicare. The last time that happened?

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During the five years leading up to Black Tuesday in October of In light of these facts and they are facts, not opinions, each one of these claims can be seen as factual by opening newspapers, magazines and online versions of national press outlets of a variety of types can there be any doubt that These United States have become the Untied States of America?

There is a wave of talk about the possibility of the splintering of the Republic into various new configurations of regional Nations, like Cascadia Oregon, Washington re-aligning with Canada or Pacifica California, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii on the west coast alone. Just eight short years ago, anyone who heard these ideas would have laughed until their sides hurt.

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The Untied States of America. Angela Marx.

The Founding of America

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