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Shame Falls on the Abuser

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Reforming Ourselves: Prison, Shame & the Kingdom of God – Red Letter Christians UK

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Sarah degraded. Sarah, a psychotic break. Sarah ruined. Maria, a Christian widow raising an Islamic son. Maria weakened. Maria broken. Maria, a convert to real Islam. Maria healed. Maria, a healer. Try me, God! Try me! The book is a flash back written from a first person point of view and is somewhat didactic.

Lorraine Carey reviewed on on March 31, Ryan Campbell is a man on a collision course with a fate which rocked his world. The story is told from his journal which makes it all so real. He was no match to go up against his Karmic Journey. Ryan will encounter so much mysterious bad luck in his lifetime; and one big mistake will turn out deadly.

Seems he is a prisoner in a world that is against him. His involvement with women becomes tragic and is the root of his acquired vengeance. He inherits a great distaste for women.

Ironically he befriends a woman who turns out to be his spiritual guide and tries to save him by leading him to find redemption. But is he really saved? Mian Moshin Zia is a master at motivating his readers and evoking emotion. He serves up a powerful spiritual message throughout the story. There is a startling message at the end that is not to be missed as it will leave an impact on every reader. Offbeat Vagabond reviewed on on Nov. Ryan has done something that has ruined the life of another - his wife Sarah.

Something horrible happened in his life and that one accident changed him for the worst. He writes about women's rights, but it is a way to relieve his overwhelming guilt. He is trying to redeem himself for what he has done, but it seems someone might do that for him. I enjoyed this read a lot. I don't like this more than Once though. While it does have a few similarities, I found that world to be a bit more believable. Our main character Ryan drove me nuts.

Brené Brown on Blame

He was good at first, but he was a downright jerk most of this book. His attitude sometimes was just awful and for no particular reason. Take his job hunting for example. When he does get the call, his reaction was just so insipid and sort of clipped with his answers. He didn't care that he not only got a job, but a new apartment. But just the day before he was anxious about the new job and always running to the phone when it rang.

Where did the attitude come from? Why isn't he happy that his life is getting better? Just doesn't make any sense. Kim was Ryan's fiancee who treated him like crap after his accident. This was something I also thought was so weird. Her and her new fiancee force Ryan out of work and leave him behind.

Charisma Magazine

How can someone go so soulless in less than a week? Then again, I think Zia did that on purpose to show how easy it is to go over the edge. But one character I did love was Maria. She was so full of wisdom and spirit. She instantly put a smile on my face. I really liked Sarah as well. I wish we got more of her specifically before the incident. The story was very emotional and heavy. Ryan suffers from the accident he had. He is now impotent and can't have children. His fiancee pretty much kicks him aside and insults him and his manhood. Ryan no can't trust women. In fact, he hates them.

His hate grows and grows unless he is talking to Maria. His hate gets him to do something truly despicable. He humiliates Sarah and she might be beyond repair. Ryan is trying desperately to get rid of his guilt and to change his views. Now I do have complaints about this book. As I said before, the attitudes were just awful. Another thing was that the book does get a tad bit preachy specifically about religions.

There were times when religion was thrown and it didn't seem to fit. For instance, Maria approaches Ryan at his new job about covering a story about a girl who has been mutilated. Ryan asked her why she is helping when the girl is Christian and she is Muslim. How is that a relevant question? Maria isn't a heartless woman. Why would did he have to ask that?

Then there was how Ryan was talking about how boisterous Sarah was before they were together, But he never took the time out to get to know her before everything happened. He was very rude towards her, so that didn't make sense. Then there was what had happened after the accident.

Ryan never asks about the other people that were in the accident as well. Are they okay? Who were they? I have no idea and I would have liked to have known that. Overall, I did enjoy this book a lot. It was very human, but it had its moments where it straddled the line of being angry and being downright soulless.

Shame Overpowers Victims of Abuse

Ryan was a hard character to like and a hard character to hate. But as I said, he was very human. I was very invested in this story. The journey was amazing. It was full of sadness, anger, guilt, redemption, and forgiveness. This is a read that will stick with me especially the end. The book was beautifully written and I loved the scene at the end between Ryan and Sarah. I am very happy I read this. I definitely recommend it.

Melissa Roger reviewed on on Sep. Victim of Shame — Highly Recommended Mian shines in a dark story. Writing fiction and making it so real is the work of a genius.

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How well each part of the story is linked demonstrates the true talent of the author. I loved Ryan, Maria, Sarah and Johnny as they told their story. The book kept me in suspense till the end. It entertains and has a great message for humanity. Lisa Ryan reviewed on on Sep. This story was a lot darker than I usually like. There were some parts that I liked - Ryan Campbell had a lot of personal struggles to go through after a devastating accident and break-up of his engagement. However, I didn't think the main outcome of the accident infertility was realistic, nor was his fiance's reaction to his diagnosis.

I prefer reading more positive stories so it just wasn't my cup of tea. Vered Ehsani reviewed on on Aug. Told through a series of diary entries, the reader watches as Ryan learns the power of hate and forgiveness. Mian Mohsin Zia has tried to capture a number of important themes in this book, including redemption, weaving them together through this unique story. Joanne Augello reviewed on on Jan.

What’s God got to do with it?

Sorry forgot to click the stars for the review but a job nicely done. It kept me in supense. It was like he knew what was going to happen before it happen. Some stuff you thought he was a caring person then he changes and you see stuff that he does, but what I read kept me in supense and I did enjoy it. Beautiful title and cover.. Nice job well done. Renee Nelson reviewed on on Dec. Ryan Cambell is human This has you swinging between liking him and then hating him for his stupidity and all too human mistakes.

His poor choices often leads you to reflect on your own bad decisions. The novel is an exceptional reflection of the struggles everyone faces and the corresponding lapses in faith that can develop.

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You are on an emotional rollercoaster while reading this book. There were some disconnect moments for me, and perhaps it was the way Mian constructed his world. I found myself putting the setting in NYC, which then had me finding some reactions unbelievable for that setting and more like what you'd find in a small town. Looking back, I realize that Mian created his city so that the reader was able to immediately identify it with a city near and dear to themselves Another disconnect was that sometimes the language was too formal Again, this could be the ego-centricity that had me putting the setting here in America where we speak very informally and with much more slang At some points the story was a little too preachy.

It occasionally turned me off to the point that I would have to put it down for a couple days before picking up the tale again. Even thought the message was one of acceptance of all religions, there were times that one religion in particular was presented as superior - which was also a slight turn off. However, having read the entire book, all I can say is don't let the foray into too much religion stop you from reading the entire work. The message and spiritual journey overall is worth the read.

PS - Mian - Ryan's words to Sarah were beautiful and will stay with me a long time Burl Barer reviewed on on Dec. My admiration for the literary work of this author is no secret. There are few authors who have his ability to tap universal emotions, and present them in a style that feels absolutely authentic. To reveal detail of plot and characters would rob you of the great pleasure of experiencing this book fresh, and without preconceptions.

Simply put, the main character, Ryan, is a champion of women's rights who, in his heart of hearts, despises women. Every victory for the cause of gender equality is a defeat of his own rancor.