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As a volunteer, you will participate in a seminar that explains the importance of traditional culture in the care of each patient and how medical professionals cater to these beliefs.

Yesterday in Haiti: The Journals of a Missionary Nurse - eBook

This program brings you to the busy, government-operated hospital of Rumah Sakit Umum Tabanan, which admits nearly new patients each day - departments that you can learn about include intensive care, obstetrics and gynecology, emergency, ultrasound, general medicine, and others. Click here to learn more! Volunteer with Plan My Gap Year as a medical volunteer in India , working with local people from the slums and rural areas of New Delhi.

This unique and caring program is open to people with an interest in health care, as well as medical students and professionals. If you wish, you can shadow physicians at Royal Hospital and Ghal Hospital. Sign up here! Start your application here! Based on your background and whether you are currently studying a health-related subject, you may be placed at a private hospital or in a government-run one. A few departments you may be able to work in include physiotherapy, radiology, dental surgery, in-patient, out-patient, and more.

Get started here! Among the many educational and career-building opportunities provided by this organization are medical care internships and non-medical healthcare volunteer abroad programs for students and professionals. Healthcare projects are open to year 1 and 2 med school students, as well as pre-med, nursing, and other healthcare science students.

Medical projects are open to year 3 and 4 med school students as well as licensed professionals. Depending on your experience and Spanish language abilities, you can shadow doctors or nurses, assist with checkups, run medical campaigns, help with triage, take vitals, organize patient records, and more. You must have intermediate Spanish language ability to apply, and you must be enrolled in a pre-med, medical, or nursing program, or be a licensed medical professional. Each year, Agape Volunteers places hundreds of volunteers in clinics, hospitals, owned or funded schools, and community projects.

The organization also offers a variety of activities and excursions, including mountain climbing, rafting, bungee jumping, safaris, gorilla trekking, and more.

Missionary, Mother, Wife and Nurse

Each volunteer placement comes with comprehensive travel insurance that enables volunteers to make the most out of their stay in Africa. This program invites volunteers to work in a clinic or hospital supported by Agape Volunteers in Nairobi. In order to take part in the program, volunteers need at least one year of medical school, or be a qualified nurse or doctor. Participants can also assist in maternity wards at night and may need to stay at the clinic overnight as the shift ends at daybreak. Volunteers stay in group houses or homestays near the placement sites. Volunteers start the day at am, and begin their rounds from there including checking on overnight patients, treating patients with supervision from doctors, and — if asked — assisting with more serious procedures.

Most volunteers in this program are housed at Jiko Foundation orphanage with the volunteer coordinator. Click here to learn more and to apply. Volunteers stay in group homestays near their placement sites and complete a certification program for further qualification in the area. With more than 20, volunteers placed on meaningful programs overseas since and 4, just in the past year , Love Volunteers is one of the fastest growing volunteer organizations in the world.

Right now, Love Volunteers works in 34 countries worldwide, with more than different projects. Some of their most popular destinations include:. Based in Rabat , this program gives you the chance to shadow and learn from local medical professionals in labor and delivery wards. You also will be able to provide much-needed support to understaffed hospitals in administrative functions, and depending on your level of experience, you can provide care and support to patients.

To apply, you must be a pre-med student, medical student, or have experience in a medical field. Your responsibilities as an intern will vary depending on your level of experience, but can include observation and assisting with minor tasks and procedures. To sign up, you must have at least intermediate Spanish language ability, though you also can take Spanish classes at a local language school to enhance your skills.

Another excellent pre medical internship with Love Volunteers brings you to Cape Town, South Africa , where you can assist in a government-funded clinic for people who cannot afford private medical care. As an intern, you will have the opportunity to observe local staff and learn about their work, and depending on your comfort level and background, you can assist with day-to-day care such as wound care, taking measurements, and more. You also will help with awareness and education programs. As with most other medical internships abroad, you must be in pre-med or medical school, or have some experience in the medical field.

For a South American experience, visit Quito, Ecuador for this medical internship, where you will assist in a hospital, clinic, or care facility. You will start with shadowing local healthcare and medical professionals during your placement, and depending on your education and experience, you can take part in different procedures or help doctors and nurses with their daily work. This pre medical internship is open not only to students and professionals, but also to volunteers interested in learning about medical care - if you do not have medical education or experience, you may only be able to observe, but you will learn a great deal through your experience in Ecuador.

Projects Abroad is a leading international volunteering organization, operating in more than 50 countries around the world. Founded in , Projects Abroad has sent more than , people on meaningful volunteer programs overseas. Volunteers range in age from 16 to 75, and each one contributes to the global economy when they travel.

Volunteers and the people they help learn more about each other through cultural exchange, fostering respect and a sustainable future. Experience is key when it comes to starting a career in medicine. Put that white coat on and shadow professional doctors and nurses where they work.

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On many of these internships, you can rotate between different hospital departments, like surgery, maternity, and pediatrics. This holistic experience will prepare you for many areas of your upcoming studies. An international internship is perfect to expand your medical horizons as you learn about healthcare in countries like Ghana , Nepal , Argentina , Peru , and more. As a volunteer, you will have hour support from the GoEco team, from start to finish.

India - Delhi Medical Internship. Through this program, you will work for two to eight weeks at a private hospital with modern medical facilities while you shadow and learn from local doctors. During your internship, you will have the chance to explore Delhi, the Taj Mahal, Dharamsala, and many other stunning locations.

During your free time, you can travel throughout St. Lucia, go surfing and snorkeling at Cape Vidal, go on a game drive through iSimangaliso, or even take a weekend trip to Mozambique. Learn more and sign up here! Peru - Cusco Health and Medical Care. Volunteer in the southeastern Andes Mountains in health care or for a more hands-on medical care volunteer experience. This program has opportunities available for everyone, from those just starting out at university, and those who already hold medical qualifications.

Volunteers will be placed based on their level of experience, but all placements allow volunteers to experience the Peruvian health care system firsthand. Learn more here. Become a medical intern in a hospital in Cape Town! This medical internship focuses heavily on the shadowing of medical professionals, but those who are qualified may be able to assist in hands-on tasks, such as assisting the nursing staff with vital signs and administering HIV tests.

Interns may be placed in triage, pharmacy or maternity obstetrics units. Register here. An award-winning social enterprise, the Intern Group selects 2, participants annually, improving their skills and employability. Its applicants represent more than different universities, and its network includes more than 2, leading employers.

They also partner with Talkspace, giving participants access to a licensed, online therapist while adjusting to life abroad. Medical and Public Health Internship in Colombia. Visit Colombia, one of the fastest-growing economies in South America, on a medical or public health internship. The Intern Group partners with a hand-picked selection of first-class private and public hospitals, ensuring you have the best experience possible.

Kickstart your Spanish-speaking skills with a two-week language-immersion course in Colombia prior to starting your internship. Psychology Internship in Dublin, Ireland. Advance your academic experience with a psychology placement in Dublin, Ireland! Work with NGOs that focus on mental health or substance abuse, assisting with statistical or data analysis and research, or human resources. Learn more and sign up here.

Social Work and Healthcare Internship in Madrid.

During this internships, you'll work with major international social work organizations, such as One Young World, that focus on access to healthcare and education to help victims of war and domestic abuse. Learn more here and start your application today! Biomedicine Internship in New York City. Another program for those interested in medicine and healthcare is the biomedicine or biotechnology science internship in New York City , placing you alongside some of the brightest academic minds in the world! This opportunity allows you to develop professional skills and gain real-world experience while living in an exciting cosmopolitan city while learning from leading researchers within the specialty of your choice.

Read more here and apply today! To help streamline the process of finding and applying for volunteer programs, internships, and other overseas opportunities, Volunteer Forever has developed a new booking platform called Abroadly. And with nearly two-dozen medical and healthcare placements available right now, Abroadly is here to help you find the right program for your background, skills, and interests. Abroadly works with vetted and reputable organizations worldwide to offer more than projects in the areas of child and youth development, construction and community development, education, health and medicine, human rights, sports and recreation, and wildlife and environmental conservation.

Join Khaya Volunteer Projects at a hospital in Tanzania, helping the impoverished children and infants of Arusha receive quality healthcare. Depending upon your qualifications, you may even help with minor surgeries, drawing blood, and even delivering babies. Elizabeth Hospital or Selian Hospital - wherever need is greatest.

Learn more here and apply! Looking for a training program in healthcare where you can put your medical education and experience to immediate use? Depending upon your level of experience, you may assist with general health care, such as basic health screening, checking weight and height, and blood sugar level testing.

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  • Primary medical care tasks could include dispensing medicines, suturing wounds, and dressing injuries. Home visits and nursery school visits also are an option. You also may assist medical staff improve their English literacy while making a meaningful impact on this program. Experience authentic Thai life in Buriram, and enjoy visiting sacred temples, castles, and monuments during your free time.

    The night bazaar is a favorite with its street market vendors. Rent a motorbike and tour the region, or climb all of the steps to the giant Buddha statue at Khao Kradong Forest Park. Read more and register here. Costa Rica needs medical professionals, including doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, and dentists with an intermediate knowledge of the Spanish language to work alongside local professionals treating patients in rural clinics and hospitals.

    Tasks include: helping doctors with treating patients, sorting medical supplies, assisting in emergency situations, and conducting health awareness workshops. Use your time in Costa Rica to take Spanish classes and enjoy a truly immersive experience. INLEXCA strengthens human resources in Central America through its volunteer programs, educational tours and internships for students, professionals, and interested people. Expand your horizons during weekends with trips to the Museum of San Ramon, or take a tour of the coffee plantations and shop at Fabrica de Carretas Eloy Alfaro, a unique wood workshop and souvenir store.

    Hike the cloud forests and immerse yourself in nature high above the city in the beautiful Central Valley of Costa Rica. Here, you may see a diversity of animals and birds such as monkeys, hummingbirds, deer, coatis and sloths. Learn more and apply here. Travel to India with Plan My Gap Year for a project that places you at medical camps in slum communities , operating through a network of hospitals. This is a great opportunity for medical or nursing students, and even those with an interest in health care who want to gain experience in a variety of areas, including emergency care, dentistry, general surgery, maternity and midwifery, nursing, occupational therapy, pediatrics, pathology, and ultrasound.

    All levels of learning are welcome since your role can be observation-based, rather than hands-on. It also possesses beautiful rose gardens where you can stroll and relax after a hectic day at work. Catch a cricket match at the Nahar Singh stadium, or visit Dhauj Lake. Stay up to six months on this placement - click here to read more!

    Consider a compassionate care project in Peru that places you with medical practitioners, shadowing doctors and nursing staff in hospitals, health clinics, and medical centers that serve the poor and underprivileged areas of Cusco.

    Mission Opportunities - The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod

    This placement with Volunteering Solutions provides you with an opportunity to get hands-on experience in a hospital setting. Depending upon your level of knowledge in healthcare and the Spanish language, you may assist with various procedures such as suturing wounds, giving vaccinations, helping with taking vital signs of patients, being involved in the daily procedures of medical centers. During weekends, visit famous sites like the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu. Read more and register here! Who can join: A Broader View offers programs for volunteers with varying healthcare experiences and skillsets.

    Know before you go: ABV volunteers work alongside qualified medical professionals to provide healthcare to underserved communities; the schedule is typically 4 to 8 hours a day. Volunteers are housed with host families to experience living in the community both as a healthcare provider and as a guest.

    We recommend that our volunteers take language immersion lessons, which consist of learning medical terms and conversational Spanish. We have a local coordinator who will pick you up at the airport, provide an orientation the first day, show you the program site, and introduce you to the host family and other volunteers.

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    • In your ABV account online, you will get a summary guide, a list of volunteers in country, and many useful links to make your trip the best experience as possible. Doctors without Borders Alternative : A Broader View is involved in Medicine Internships, Medical Electives, and Professional Medicine Placements for volunteers of all ages looking to do an internship in a non-emergency context.

      Dental Program: Dental volunteers will assess, participate, and have hands-on experience with different procedures under the supervision of a dental professional. The dental procedures offered include operative, endodontics, extraction, cleaning prophylaxis, oral hygienist, preventitive oral health, root canals, tooth extraction, and accompanying maxillofacial professionals and orthodontists in operating rooms.

      Medical and Nurse Volunteer Abroad Professional Program: Volunteers with professional medical and nursing training are welcome to join this program. Placements occur at multiple sites including a community hospital, specialized care center, and a larger general hospital. There are opportunities for hands-on patient care, as well as observation and shadowing of a local healthcare professional. For example, you may have the opportunity to volunteer with a local foundation that believes in the physical recovery of all individuals, offering rehabilitation to all residents of the local community.

      This foundation offers physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, hydrotherapy, and special education to children and adults. Patients may have been disabled from example car accidents, but also from birth with Down-syndrome, autism, or birth related brain damage. Volunteer in Cusco, Peru Medical Professionals and Students : Clinical placements are based in public hospitals, small clinics, and a large regional hospital in Cusco. Medical volunteer work may include taking vital signs, attending rounds with providers, charting patients, giving injections, providing general health checks, cleaning wounds, removing sutures, and assisting in deliveries.

      The dental department at this hospital performs procedures in operative, endodontics, extraction, cleaning prophylaxis, oral hygiene, oral preventative health, root canals, and tooth extraction. The center has a population of animals comprising 41 different species. The program is currently going through renovations to improve the exhibits and increase the capacity for additional animals. Types of programs offered: General health care , veterinary health care. Who can join: All volunteers are welcome, especially those interested in medicine or community health development.

      Volunteers under 18 are urged to apply for special projects designed for year olds. Volunteers are provided with housing in local homestays, although some locations do offer upgrades if the volunteer would like to stay by themselves or with accompanying family members or friends. Occasional side trips are provided as optional in many locations for volunteers to get a chance to see the natural beauty or cultural experiences around their placement. Volunteers are expected to spend most week days administering medical care or participating in educational health initiatives within the community.

      Volunteer for Healthcare Support in Nepal. Because of widespread financial inequity, the Nepalese health care system is severely understaffed. Volunteers serve in a community rehabilitation center, clinic, special needs school, or daycare. Volunteers also play a large role in educating teachers and family members on how to care for individuals with special needs.

      Animal Rehabilitation Volunteer Programs. Veterinary students and professionals will enjoy putting their skills to use to the benefit of animals in developing countries. Projects are ideal for recent graduates, professionals, and those interested in a career break. Volunteer Healthcare Project in South Africa.

      South Asia Healthcare Expedition. Another excellent opportunity you can apply for right now with GVI is their South Asia Healthcare Expedition , where you will travel to Nepal and Thailand to assist with general health and hygiene education of local communities, while also caring for people who have special needs.

      In Thailand, you will stay in Phang Nga, volunteering Monday through Friday at a center for disabled children, who you will support through exercises, play therapy, art therapy, and other activities. In Nepal, you will volunteer in an integrated special needs school, where you can help with leading rehabilitative exercises, assisting with health and hygiene education, and much more to support family members and teachers. Global Volunteers works worldwide, placing travelers on internships, volunteer trips, gap years , TEFL, and teach abroad placements in the fields of mentoring children, teaching English, assisting with health care, community gardening, and building development.

      Founded in , Global Volunteers has placed more than 34, volunteers of all ages on programs in host communities on six continents. For volunteers serving abroad, an emergency medical evacuation insurance is part of the placement package. Emergency contact is available for all travelers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. First-time volunteers are eligible for deep discounts from Global Volunteers on a limited basis. Read more about how you can save money traveling abroad with Global Volunteers.

      Just south of the equator and on the east coast of Africa, you will find the rare treasure of Tanzania. Volunteer here and you'll make meaningful relationships, and help to improve the lives you touch. Your heart will soar with the immense variety of opportunities to choose from here, from projects that focus on education, health care, and repair and maintenance. There are classroom opportunities to teach English, math, biology, chemistry, physics, and geography.

      If computers are your hobby, you will enjoy teaching primary and secondary students skills to improve their computer literacy. Volunteers with experience in health care will find it fascinating to train rural medical aides to assist women with their pregnancies. Global Volunteers' new health clinic in Tanzania will provide primary care for between 16, and 20, people, with a focus on maternal and child health care.

      The new facility includes two examination rooms, delivery room, a four-bed maternity ward, a four-bed inpatient ward, lab, and a pharmacy. Volunteers may:. Join Global Volunteers in Tanzania and you will make a big difference in the lives of Tanzanians, and most of all, you will be a witness to the enormous resiliency of the human spirit. The costs includes educational materials, accommodation, food, transportation to your project. Read more and apply here. While you're in-country, be sure to try some of the amazing Peruvian dishes such as Ceviche and Loma Sultado. If you go inland, take a trip to the majestic Machu Picchu.

      Some say you will feel a touch of heaven up above the clouds. One- and two-week itineraries are available, and include lodging, food, local transportation, and project materials. Trained staff are onsite. Join Global Volunteers in St. Lucia on a health care program supporting children, and their families, who are facing challenges in nutrition, health care, and education.

      You also can take part in a food, diet, and nutrition project in St. Assist Global Volunteers staff and other visitors as they plant and maintain earthbox container gardens, and teach these skills to families. Depending upon your level of experience and your willingness to learn, you can provide nutrition education and teach healthy meal preparation in schools, clinics, and community centers. Help to construct rainwater catchment systems, and build fuel-efficient stoves.

      Take part in a reforestation effort and plant trees. Lucia is an Eastern Caribbean island nation and known for its majestic twin peaks, "The Pitons," a world heritage site on its west coast. Home to volcanic beaches, reef-diving sites, fishing villages and luxury resorts, one of which is your base of operations. Each cottage is double occupancy, and features a private bathroom. For more than 25 years, Global Works has combined community service, cultural exchange, language immersion, and adventure to provide a fun, impactful travel experience for high school students, educators, and groups.

      So far, more than 10, travelers have embarked on Global Works trips, which can focus on pre-med or public health, as well as other projects such as community development, conservation, and even language immersion. You do not need previous experience to apply, so this is an excellent opportunity for students aspiring to enter the medical or healthcare field.

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